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Coach Corscadden

Jonny wanted clean & professional brand visuals for his coaching business. A priority for personal trainers is having quick & easy way to get enquiries both on the gym floor + from social media. We equipped him with what we usually recommend for all coaches, treat your coaching business like you would any other business & you will set yourself apart miles ahead of other coaches.

Branding & lead generation

We set Coach Corscadden up with recognisable, clean & versatile brand design, social media templates (insta grid + stories). To make lead generation as easy as possible both on social media, ads & on the gym floor we developed Jonny's landing page: This allowed Jonny to get enquiries & book out consultations with potention clients (even prior to Pure Gym Ballymena being open!) We will soon be pimping out his site with a lot of client images, testimonials and so on once he gets off the ground. Smooth sales process Every touch point with your clients should be a branded representation of your business, this adds to professionalism, shows that you're serious about what you do & validates why YOU are the best option. We set up a professional business email address using our provider Google Workspace, which links directly with your website dashboard. We designed a lot of printable & digital marketing materials to do this including: a QR code business card which linked directly to Jonny's landing page. As well as a branded pricing PDF for consultations, editable calorie & macro PDFs for clients & branded program PDFs for one off coaching programs. Making it easier to pay

We set up digital payment options & subscriptions

This sets him apart, miles ahead of other coaches. You cannot afford to fall behind on marketing in 2023.

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